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What role does meiosis have in sexual reproduction? ASAP!!!?

Question by twiins: What role does meiosis have in sexual reproduction? ASAP!!!?
also what role does mitosis have in asexual reproduction?

and in ONLY two sentences how is meiosis in sexual reproduction and mitosis in asexual reproduction similar to a strawberry plant???

and include the websites you got the answers from
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Answer by Kayla
Meiosis is the process by which a diploid (2n) organism produces haploid (1n) gametes (eg. sperm and eggs). In humans, which are diploid organisms, we must produce haploid gametes in order to produce offspring with other diploid organisms. If we produced our gametes via mitosis, like all our other cells are produced, then our offspring would end up being 2n + 2n = 4n! This cannot happen, because then that 4n organism would grow, and then have offspring with someone of say, 8n? No! Meiosis is what maintains the proper ploidy in organisms. Because our sperm and eggs are 1n, when they fuse together, the outcome is 1n + 1n = 2n, the same ploidy as human beings. Meiosis also provides genetically different gametes (eg. not all sperm will have the same genetic information), produces genetically different offspring. This is why our children do not necessarily resemble us.

In asexual reproduction, the organism, such as a bacterium, reproduces without a partner. Mitosis is the process by which the cell grows, and you must have growth in order to reproduce alone! For example, by the process of binary fission, a cell will grow a smaller cell off of itself before it grow to a large enough size to be severed from the parent cell. If the cell did not use mitosis, then binary fission would have never been possible, along with any other form of asexual reproduction.

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One Response to “What role does meiosis have in sexual reproduction? ASAP!!!?”

  1. adhyers on April 26th, 2011 9:28 pm

    1. There are two events that occur during meiosis I that contribute to the astounding genetic variation the sexual reproduction produces:

    *Independent assortment
    *Crossing over

    Independent assortment and crossing over of meiosis are only part of the reason sexual reproduction allows for so much genetic variation between individuals. Human males can produce millions of sperm and human females millions of eggs (although only a fraction mature and are ovulated). Put these one-of-a-kind gametes together and the product is a genetically unique individual. Fertilization is the final genetic shuffle.

    Meiosis performs a key task necessary in a sexual life cycle. Since fertilization (which is the actual sexual event in the life cycle) automatically doubles chromosome number by combining the chromosomes of an egg and a sperm, it is essential that some event occur somewhere in the life cycle which reduced the chromosome number to compensate.

    In animal life cycles, the meiotic cell division in the life cycle immediately precedes the development of gametes (eggs and sperm).

    There are three differences between what Mitosis accomplishes and what Meiosis accomplishes:
    *Mitosis divides one nucleus into two; Meiosis divides one nucleus into four.
    *Mitosis conserves chromosome number; Meiosis reduces it in half (usually from diploid to haploid).
    *Mitosis produces genetically identical daughter nuclei; Meiosis produces genetically different daughter nuclei.

    2. Asexual reproduction takes place by mitotic cell division. Therefore, the offspring have exactly the same hereditary information as the parents. Asexual reproduction results in the exact same characteristics within a species from generation to generation.

    Types of Asexual Reproduction:

    1) Binary Fission
    2) Budding
    3) Spore Formation
    4) Vegetative Reproduction

    3. Strawberries reproduce asexually by sending out runners that grow along the surface of the ground and spring forth additional plants. They also reproduce sexually through their flowers and seeds.

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