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How to stop possums eating the fruit and veg in my garden?

Question by NinkyNonk: How to stop possums eating the fruit and veg in my garden?
I live near a park and the possums have a tree -tree route to the garden. THey stripped my strawberry plant, pulled up all the young onions, ate the pears and tomatoes, the list goes on… who has a good way to stop them?
Pretty sure it is possums – have seen then doing it!! I am in australia, we possibly have different possums over here.

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Answer by puppy
Could you not put wire net over plants

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2 Responses to “How to stop possums eating the fruit and veg in my garden?”

  1. Joan H on January 19th, 2011 8:01 pm

    Are you sure it is a possum? They are not known for bothering gardens. They mostly eat grubs, and things such as that. We have one in our back yard every night, and it has never bothered the garden. However; a raccoon will. A possum is a very slow moving animal, mostly on the ground. They can climb a tree, but seldom do. Unless you saw one eating your garden, I would suspect some other animal, squirrels or raccoons.

  2. rjs on January 19th, 2011 8:17 pm

    that’s strange, cause we’ve got dozens of possums and they ha vent touched anything in the acre garden…they have eaten windfall apples, though…

    “Their diet mainly consists of carrion and many individual opossums are killed on the highway when scavenging for roadkill. They are also known to eat insects, frogs, birds, snakes, small mammals, and earthworms. Some of their favorite foods are fruits, and they are known to eat apples and persimmons. Their broad diet allows them to take advantage of many sources of food provided by human habitation such as unsecured food waste (garbage) and pet food.”

    maybe theyre pulling up your plants looking for grubs or worms, or WATER…they search for water by scent…did you water your plants before the damage? they will “dig” for water…

    all the ways i have to deal with them are probably more violent than you’d be willing to engage in…

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