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Any Creative Ideas for planting Strawberry Plants?

Question by urbanbutterfly: Any Creative Ideas for planting Strawberry Plants?
I am planting quite a few this fall and am wondering if you know of any unique or creative ideas for planting them. Also any other plants that they thrive with?

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Answer by Theodosius
how about on a hat, they would be decorative and functional, also you would have a carbon neutral fashion accessory. the would make great conversation pieces on visits to bars and clubs.

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  1. Barbados Chick on June 25th, 2010 8:54 pm

    In the 1930’s the earliest Bio-Dynamic publications rocorded that strawberries and bush beans liked each other and were mutally beneficial. Strawberries also like lettuce, spinach and especially Borage. They also like pine needles as a mulch.
    Re creative planting….. if you were planning a small number of plants then I would suggest a hanging basket wire frame, lined with the panty part of a pair of large pantyhose with the legs cut off and the tops tied together. From there, fill the panty hose with a soiless growing mix and wet well, packing down till firm and well stuffed.
    Next poke / cut small holes through the sides of the basket and push the roots of the baby plants through and into the growing mix.
    Hang in a sunny spot, don’t forget to water and fertilize and wait to enjoy hanging strawberries all season – **Be sure to buy ever bearing strawberries.

  2. bellgoebel on June 25th, 2010 9:10 pm

    There are loads of products designed for attractive strawberry displays, some of them with a space-saving design for folks with small gardens. There are attractive pottery strawberry jars, hanging baskets of different types, commercial strawberry “pyramids”.
    Here in the country, some innovative folks build their own strawberry beds in a tiered fashion (Think Macchu Pichu) using graduated sizes of tires (Tractor on the bottom, decreasing in size to Big Wheel on the top) or with landscape or railroad ties. We used railroad ties to create a raised strawberry bed years ago. If you raise the structure 2 or 3 ties high and only make it about 3 feet wide, you can sit on the ties and pick in comfort from both sides. We kept ours to one level and made it quite long. The raised sides help keep weed and grass seed from being blown in when we’re mowing the yard.

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