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A blackberry plant for every garden

A blackberry plant for every garden

Ensuring that your family eats right is no easy task.  You want to know that everyone in the family is consuming a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables each day in order to live a long and healthy life.  Promoting healthy living is essential in an age where television, video games, and computers rule the lives of many people, young and old alike.  When you are out grocery shopping, however, purchasing fruits and vegetables is not always on the top of the list.  One reason many people skip over such important food groups is the length of shelf life.  These items often spoil before they are eaten and enjoyed.  That is why many people around the globe turn to their own production of produce.  A fruit garden is just one way to maintain a steady supply of a very important food group.  Starting a fruit garden provides sustenance, aesthetics, and a peaceful way to spend some free time gardening.  Beginning with a blackberry plant and continuing to an apple tree, you can give yourself a garden to be proud of.

Grocery store fruits are great, but you must consume them quickly before they spoil.  Since the stores are looking out for their own profits, they do not always purchase fresh, local fruits.  More often than not, the fruits you find at the store are making their way into your refrigerator all the way from Mexico or beyond.  They will likely still taste great, but after such a long journey, their life in your hands is cut way short.  When you allow yourself the opportunity to watch fruit plant grow and mature, you have the luxury of knowing exactly when they ripen and for how long their fruits are good.  

Fruit is expensive too.  After such a long import process, the cost just continues to rise.  In addition to the import, farmers around the world are facing heavy taxation for their goods and consequently must charge a lot more to the stores.  These fees trickle right down to the consumer.  And while many people would like to support their local farmers, the costs for their products can be astronomical.  It is easy to understand why when you see their small operations and what they are taxed for their land, but it makes it difficult for the average family to afford their products.  

Berries tend to be the highest priced fruit of them all.  They are generally grown on a smaller scale and are more difficult to produce and harvest than larger fruits.  Planting a blackberry plant or growing your own strawberries is a great way to save on these costs.  It may seem like a lot of work, but it is actually quite easy to maintain a successful fruit garden.  The availability of seeds and plants is astounding.  You can find them in any nursery or even purchase them over the Internet.  It is even possible to go online and purchase a blackberry plant that is ready to go right into your garden.

There are many reasons to begin your fruit garden.  Of course, there are the obvious health benefits.  You can keep your family healthy and energized with a proper amount of fruit in their diet.  The financial benefits are not too shabby either.  By growing your own produce, you save on expensive purchases at the store and on the gas to get there.  Then there is the enjoyment factor.  Planting and maintaining your own strawberry, blueberry, blackberry plant, and any other fruit you decide on provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of the day.  Enjoy some time alone or with the family in your fruit garden, knowing how much better everyone in the family will be eating.

Sandy Winslow is a writer on topics relating to health and wellness. Growing everything from a blackberry plant to strawberries to start a delicious fruit garden.

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