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?ants and my strawberry plants???

Question by ?Baby Bear?: ?ants and my strawberry plants???
I have about 17 strawberry plants and I have had them for about 3 years now. they have never had a problem before but now there small ants taking over the plants. they are eating the strawberries and I don’t know where they are coming from and how to kill them. do you guys have any idea how to get rid of them without killing the plants?

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Answer by Mary
great question i have strawberry plants too!!!
and they are doing great because i use this stuff called SEVIN DUST and yes SEVIN…. you see it DOES NOT KILL
the ants or bugs or even birds but it makes it taste bad TO THEM ONLY and you should try it!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. chapinero on February 2nd, 2011 11:46 pm

    It’s tough to get rid of the ants, because once they found something they like…..

    You might try poison, but then you won’t be able to eat the berries.

    You could dig some water filled cups around the strawberries, then the ants will drown when trying to eat your sweet berries.

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